Vitals & Fun Facts
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 200
Age: Between 20 – 50 (At least for another 4 years)
Sex: not enough
Married: I don’t think so, but hard to tell when you wake up in mexico with a ring on…
Plays: right
Sings: left
Musical Influences and favorite artists: Beatles, Eagles, America, Peter Gabriel, Bob Seger, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Buffett
Favorite Color: Any shade of black
Favorite Movie: The Godfather I & II & Pootie Tang
Favorite Bubble Gum: Bazooka Joe
Last meal if on death row: Depends on method of execution…lethal injection = steak & eggs; beheading = Salmon
What I want to come back as in next life: Potato
Alter Ego: Andy Colorado